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Lynnell Neri is a web developer. His heart is in helping people and organizations achieve their goals by guiding them with the right technologies.

It saddens my heart whenever I see people repeatedly and manually do the same tedious tasks over and over again with little to no result at all. Just imagine the wasted effort, the frustration, the discouragements, the throwing down of towels to their dreams (heartbroken) (sad).

In my mind, I’m always confident that there may be existing technologies already out there that can help them solve their problems. Or if there’s none, then perhaps a customized program can be developed to cater to their needs.

So if you are one of them, I am willing to listen. I may be able to guide you with the right tools for your needs. Whatever it may be -personal or business or just out of curiosity.

Lynnell Neri

FAQ about Lynnell Neri

What is your specialization?

I’m into Web Development specifically regarding back-end stuff. Because I’m not inclined with front-end and design stuff, I like how easily I can design UI using HTML and CSS. That’s why I chose this specialization.

What programming language and technologies are you an expert?

I love PHP and JavaScript. I also love database architecture, especially with the normalization. Moreover, I am good at setting up servers and securing them (I’m a fan of Mr. Troy Hunt with regards to security).

Do you do personal projects?

Yes. Currently, I make a system that helps schools in automating attendance monitoring and billing. I wish to expand to other schools so that I could help them with these problems. My approach is super simple: build a practical, no-gimmick tool to solve real problems in the community.

Aside from coding, what do you like?

I love biking. I also love eating (and cooking), taking photos, and sleeping.