Contact Lynnell Neri through these channels.

Do you have any questions, or do you want to contact me? Feel free to connect through my site or the following social media channels. I love to hear from you, be it an interview question, a technical one, or a piece of advice.

How to contact me?

Email: [email protected]

Email is the easiest way to contact me. I can reply immediately (if I’m not asleep or away).

Twitter: lynnellneri

I am more active on Twitter than any other social media channel, so expect to see a lot of informal tweets and comments there. Don’t forget to mention me or send a direct message.

Facebook: lynnellneri

Compared to Twitter, I am a bit more formal in my Facebook page. You can see lots of posts related to web development, businesses, and productivity.

LinkedIn: lynnellneri

My LinkedIn profile is the digital version of my resume. You can see there my work experience and other scholarly kinds of stuff. Please be aware that I only accept connections from people I know or have worked.

Instagram: lynnellneri

Do you love pictures and photos? Check out my Instagram profile and see lots of my favorite quotes from various business and productivity articles I’ve read. Don’t forget to heart my photos.